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Helping Children and Families with Neuroimmune Disorders and Treatment-Resistant Mental Health Symptoms

We seek to revolutionize how we treat, talk about, and teach to mental health/neuropsychiatric symptoms that children experience.  

Our Vision

At Bridge Consultants, we believe no child should be relegated to a lifetime of symptom management and suffering when the root issue(s) related to mental health challenges may be possible to identify, understand, and heal from. By deeply examining the underlying pathophysiology of the body, we can better help children to regain function and mitigate the intensity of their symptoms. 

Our Approach

Bridge Consultants will thoroughly examine your child’s medical, psychiatric and educational history and treatment, looking for the root causes of his/her symptoms, with particular focus on neuro-immune and other pathophysiologic issues. We bring to this task deep experience diagnosing and effectively treating children with treatment-resistant mental health symptoms.

For Families

Supporting families in exploring the pathophysiology that may be connected to their child’s mental health symptoms.

For Medical Providers

Supporting, educating and collaborating with existing primary care providers, mental health providers and other specialists.

For Systems

Supporting, educating and collaborating with schools, mental health agencies/providers/hospitals, government agencies, legislators, and other systems.

Check out Our Resources!

At Bridge Consultants, we believe mental health symptoms should not be stigmatizing or shaming. We believe treatment of mental health symptoms requires a community-based systems approach. Children need all of their caregivers to link arms together and form a life raft of support. To this end, we have included resources on these pages that we feel are valuable and important and may be a key part of a family’s life raft.

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Merging Specialties to Help Solve Challenging Problems

Who We Are

Sheilah Gauch, M.Ed. LISCW
Educator, Social Worker
Melissa McCormack, MD, Ph.D.
Peggy Chapman, PMHCNS-BC
Clinical Nurse Specialist

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